Business Process Management Platform

Transform Operations

Discover – Strategize – Transform
Systemize Manual Operations (with a powerful Workflow based Process engine)
Assisted Model to automate rules based decision making, Machine Learning based predictors based on historic data
Automation - Straight through processing – Automate repeatable task
Process Management

BPMN inspired powerful, Graphical Process Design Studio to model Business Process. Rules and relationships can also be configured.

Built in Support for Straight Through processing (Robotics Process Automation)

Built in rules engine to define control flow across processes

Project Management

Process Management orchestrated through Project Management

Supports all major types of project life cycle with planner, Gantt charts, Critical path analysis etc.

Built in User requirement management

Automates Work allocation, Built-in Tracker and Monitoring tools, real-time tracking, reporting and collaboration

Work List Management

User Inbox, Task List

Flexible task allocation - Support for pull based, push (auto allocator based on volume and available capacity), Assignment or allocation by manager.

Time logs, time monitoring - Support to manage in time/out time of people.

User Activity log - Ability log key user actions. Basis of future analysis and improvements

Monitoring Engine

A rich toolset to enable simple, automated pain free deployment to on premise /cloud platforms

Toolset to perform Auto App Validity and Performance Measures

Comprehensive Version Management with Side by side execution

Support for In Flight App Modification (Ad-hoc processes)

Alerts and Notification Engine

Let users define key events to tracked and to monitor Process deviations as they occur

Mechanism to configure and notify in real time as the events occur.

Document Management

History view and Audit Trial - Complete history view and audit trial of each job, with time stamp and other details.

Version management - Auto version control and revision-ing to track data change.