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A complete Banking ERP bundled in the same license!

Core Banking systems covers only 45% of an institutional needs, the remaining 55% of operations are done manually or through other systems

Setting the context for Digital Transformation - A single hyper-flexible system that manages smart digital apps for all functions, integrating with the CBS

HR Management

The following modules are covered under Human Resources Management

  • Employee Onboarding and Management
  • Time and Attendance, Staff Scheduling
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Compliance, Payroll and Benefits Administration
  • Vacation and Leave Planning
  • Training Management – Request, Training Attendance, Performance Evaluation Sheet, individual Training Record, Yearly Training Plan etc
Procure to Pay Lifecycle

The Procurement and Inventory Management module shall have the following high-level functionality

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Order Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Billing
  • Purchase to Payment Management
  • Order to Cash Management
  • Inventory Optimization
  • RFID integration, Barcode Integration
  • Vendor Accuracy Checks
  • Automatic Reorder Triggers
Inventory Management
  • Stock Request
  • Goods Outward
  • Stock Acknowledgement
  • Stock Replacement on Warranty
  • Inbound Processing
Asset Management

The following modules are covered under Asset Management

  • Asset inventory
  • Integrated Labeling
  • Calculate life-cycle costs with levels of service
  • Apply cost-effective management
  • Preventive Asset Maintenance, Monitoring and Management
Events and Appointments
  • Scheduled events
  • Drop-in events
  • Student and Staff Calendar
  • Event attendance
  • RSVP events
  • Event feedback
  • Speakers / Presenters Accommodation
  • Multiple Session Management
  • Waiting List provision
  • Communication Framework
  • Rule Based Workflow for Communication with HTML Event Pages and Emails
Supplier Relationship Management

The following modules are covered under Supplier Relationship Management

  • Supplier Onboarding
  • Supplier Governance
  • Performance Management and scoring
  • Value measurement
Financial Account

For large financial institutions like banks, iPROOF financial accounting management can be used as a bridge to interface with CBS accounting system. For smaller Microfins, this shall be used as an independent financial accounting module
The financial module is feature rich and includes the following capabilities:

  • Maintenance and Consolidation of Bank Accounts
    • Chart of Accounts are defined in hierarchy of General Ledger, Sub Ledger and Accounts
    • Customer accounts are mapped to GL accounts, through Product groups
  • Accounts fall within the following six types, viz. - Asset, Liability, Expense, Income, Contingent Asset and Contingent Liability
  • Financial transactions can be posted online or in batch - Facility for posting customer leg of the transaction online and the GL account leg on EOD, known as transaction explosion
  • The financial Accounting module involves all standard accounting related functionalities including - Financial Adjustments, Trial Balance Generation, Balance sheet, Budget & Actual comparison and Flexible hand-off to other GL systems

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