Your Digital Transformation Journey cannot get simpler than this!

Digital Transformation using the iPROOF Platform

Digital Transformation is all about creating an environment where Business truly drives IT and IT empower Business.

iPROOF is a Low Code Platform for Digital Transformation that resonates with the goals of any CIO to quickly build and deploy Process centric, Complex, Large Enterprise Grade, High performance Applications that are “designed to change” through configurations.

Digital Transformation is best done incrementally – One step at a time, one Smart App at a time!

Once the first Smart App is identified, the following transformation journey can be kicked off

Discover “Listen, understand and discover” specific needs of the selected Smart App and Create a high level Business process map that is aligned with organizations standards/guidelines/procedures and best practices
  • Characterize the impact the chosen app has on the organization’s value canvas – Does it impact Customer delight, Does it add to its innovation quotient or does it Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Define the Goals, outcome and the KPIs expected as a result of transforming the app – this shall serve as a guideline to analyze the impact of the smart app on the value canvas
  • Arrive at a high level optimized, To-Be-Process model addressing the inherent complexities, nuances, pitfalls of the selected App which also aligns with best practices, standard, policies and procedures
  • Use the iPROOF design studio to configure and rapidly generate the Smart Process App based on the To-Be-Process Model – an extremely agile development environment where Business/ Operations and IT teams closely collaborate and launch apps at amazing speed.
  • Based on the nature of the Smart app, arrive at the underlying Operational Fabric and semantics of the smart process app - Procedural Rule Based, Straight through process, Collaborative, Dynamic tasks, Case based or Project-driven tasks
  • Use the instant deployment tool to Publish the app and launch the App for usage
Measure and Monitor
  • As the Smart gets used, the operational data gets collected and the required metrics and measures are calculated
  • These shall be lead or lag indicators
Maximize outcome
  • The metrics and measures are mapped with the expected KPI
  • A continual improvement cycle shall be realized by using the iPROOF design studio to make the necessary changes to the process model and published the modified app with a laser focus on improving the expected outcome
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