iPROOF - A Low Code platform with Business Process Management Engine, Workflow Management and Document Management system.

  • Document Input
    Scanner, Email, Manual Upload, Bulk Upload, Automated Process for Mass Uploading, Mobile Applications, Web Services
  • Document Indexing
    Custom Automatic Document Numbering, Content recognition and indexing, OCR/ICR Based Content extraction from documents
  • Effective Document Storage
    Multiple Document repositories, Managing Folder Structure, multiple document type support
  • Document Processing
    Create Documents using Templates, Link Document to records in System, Forward, Move, Share Documents
  • Document Search and Retrieval
    Safe and Powerful search, Document content and meta data search, Advanced search on all document attributes, Scalable Document Search Engine
  • Document security
    Audit Trail, Advanced Access rights, Encrypted Documents on file system, Supports SSL, Modify Ownership
  • Access Control
    Strict role/user group based access to documents/ document type, Tracking edits being made to documents, Grant different types of access privileges – like Read only, Create, Delete, Edit etc
  • Version Management
    Check-in/check-out and locking, to coordinate the simultaneous editing of a document
  • Version control
    Retrieving previous versions of edited documents, Roll-back, to “activate” a prior version
  • Document Management Integrated with Workflow Engine
    Leverage the complete power of workflow engine to enable multi-level approvals with ease
  • Leverage the power
    Leverage the power of iPROOF Integration framework to integrate and extend ERPs and other external systems
  • History view and Audit Trial
    Complete history view and audit trial of each job, with time stamp and other details.

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