Measure, Monitor, Manage and Maximize results

Effective decision making driven by consolidated drilling of data from multiple dimensions across multiple Institutions in the group

Ready, online, completely integrated, up-to-date access to all key parameters (Financial and Non Financial) across all functions of the Educational Institutions

Centralized audited accounting and book keeping

Streamline and Optimize Operations

Integrated, role based online MIS for the complete Educational Institution

Define, Model, Operationalize, Systematize best practices based processes

Constantly monitor and track deviations for all compliance requirements

Gain complete visibility of day-to-day operations - One click reports giving detailed current and statistical data

Control costs

Continually monitor financial health of the Institution and initiate corrective action wherever required

Reports on unrealized receipt of payments as well as timely alerts and follow through actions on delayed receipts

Budgetary control on planned and unplanned expenses can be easily established, which will help to control cost escalation

Cash Flow projections will help to plan working capital requirements as well as the cost of such funds

Easily comply with Accreditation mandates, Government regulations and ISO standards

Zero clerical work involved in preparing for audits – Meet all Compliance needs from Audit Agencies, Government bodies and Accreditation agencies smoothly

Rich Experience gained by implementing a Workflow Based ERP system at IIT Madras

The Processes, Procedures and Policies of a Central Government run institute is built into the platform

Central Government specific Business rules are readily usable

The inherent complexities of a multi-level approval system as prescribed by the central government is well understood

The system can also adapt to changes in Central Government regulations

Compliance with Regulatory or Statutory mandates can be done without any additional effort