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Integrate, Complement and Extend your Core Banking System

Banks spend millions of dollars in Core Banking Implementation and maintenance. The core banking systems are the backbone of a Bank. Though a Core Banking System is the key transactional system of a bank, we observe several gaps in the system.

  • Business needs evolve with time. The underlying IT system is unable to keep pace with the changing business needs
  • It is tedious and expensive to change Core Banking Systems
  • Core Systems DO NOT address all areas (like end to end cycle of credit management, Human resource management etc)


As a result, banks have devised alternate workarounds like spreadsheet based systems that results in serious execution night mare over a period of time with very limited control and visibility of operations. We call this the classic “Business-IT Disconnect”.

This leads to several serious business challenges like – Challenges in Customer service effectiveness, a significant revenue loss because of human errors/ Bad judgments, NPAs in lending, undetected exceptions like Fraud, Human Errors and so on.


  • iProof Platform is used to bridge the business - IT disconnect and build applications on demand meeting specific needs of the bank
  • iProof platform is used to systemize and digitize day-to-day operations of different and distinct functions
  • Translate unique expections gained from years of experience into applications built with the objectives of Aligning and Adapting to the changing Business Needs

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