Low Code Platform

Enterprise Apps
With iPROOF Platform you can build powerful Enterprise Apps through configuration without writing code, with Ease and at an amazing speed (over 10X of custom development)
Democratize App development
Creating Enterprise Grade Apps does not require experts any more
Built for Change
Platform Designed for change - Its all Configuration based – Change and Instantly Deploy
Data Model

Manage complex hierarchical data through a simple Conceptual Data Model

A centralized smart Data Model linking independent Enterprise Apps

Instant Deployment Toolset

A rich toolset to enable simple, automated pain free deployment to on premise /cloud platforms

Toolset to perform Auto App Validity and Performance Measures

Support for In Flight App Modification (Ad-hoc processes)

Dynamic Code Generation

Configure and generate code to manage complex business logic Validations and Rules

Zero Code Rich Web App Generation

Define and publish rich, responsive, powerful, intuitive HTML5 CSS3 compliant user interfaces without writing any code.

Automated Testing Framework

A key element of rapid development tool kit for digital transformation – Integrated Auto Deployment and Testing of Smart Apps configured using the platform

A single test suite to create manage and run test cases and scenarios

Use of assertions, scheduled test launcher

Instant Mobility Platform

Instantly Mobile - Zero code generation of cross platform Mobile Apps

Single idea, a single app, multiple channels No separate development for Web, Mobile channels

Configure once and publish instantly across all channels

Leverage Existing Investments using the Easy Integration Framework

Simple, powerful, configuration-based framework to build a host of adaptors to integrate with any application (Core Banking /ERP)

Plugins ready for: Flex cube CBS, TCS CBS, Tally & SAP