iPROOF - A Low Code platform with Business Process Management Engine, Workflow Management and Document Management system.

About iProof Platform

iPROOF Platform is a Low code Platform and Business Process Management Platform for Digital Transformation to create Smart, Complex, Enterprise Grade, Process Centric Business Apps on demand without writing too much code.

Unlike No-Code platforms that are intended to be used by Business users for simple apps, iPROOF design studio is intended to be used by IT-Aware users.

Our Platform is built on the premise of a robust Orchestration Layer Integrates the entire IT ecosystem of an organization in alignment with the cross-functional business processes.

This platform
  • Streamlines Execution by Orchestrating Operations in the context of Critical Value-adding Business Processes, thus aligning the strategic themes with operations
  • Extends the capabilities of ERPs and other apps
  • Rapidly generates Business Applications providing Access to Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time in the Right Form, thus aligning People with the Strategic Theme and Operations
  • Has a built-in decision support system to automatically measure performance at various levels linking the Top-Floor to the Shop-Floor, thus aligning the Performance Measurement and Execution. The framework creates value because the execution not only addresses the needs of today but also adapts rapidly to the continually evolving business needs, thereby automatically aligning operations with operational strategies and goals with the process context
Reinvent Customer Journey Evolutionary Approach to Revolutionary Innovation Digitize and Transform Operations Faster Innovation and Less Risk
The following are the key modules of the iPROOF Platform

Powerful Process & Workflow Engine

Conceptual Data Model

On Demand Smart User Interface For Mobile and Web

Powerful Rule Set

Process Automation Engine

Zero Code Business Logic Code Generator

iProof Low Code Platform and Digital Process Framework

Integrated Testing and Deployment Framework

Notification Services, Worklist and Portal with SLA Tracking

Integration Framework

Document Management System

Project Management, Action Management Driven Automation engine

Dashboard and Reporting Engine

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