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Telecom is one of the industries deeply impacted by advances in technology. As a result of the impact of digital technologies, the value canvas has been disrupted completely – Stiffer and aggressive Competition, drastic increase in customer-expectations demanding high-quality service through multiple-channels with a significant stress on content, constantly dwindling margins and hence a need to have radically innovative revenue streams.

As a result telecom companies are forced to demonstrate extreme agility from an IT perspective to stay competitive in this aggressive Business environ From an operations perspective, we observe that due to compelling demands for improved quality from customers, many companies realize that Business processes are at the heart of what makes a business successful and differentiates it from the competition. They hence exhibit high degrees of process-orientation.

However, organizations seldom enjoy the benefits of process centricity and strategic orientation as their resources are inevitably focused on grappling with day-to-day operational issues primarily because of a huge gap between strategic themes and the day to day operations. The fundamental issue is that most organizations do not have an answer to the problem of “strategy execution” as a result of the Gorilla in the room – “Business-IT Disconnect”.

Unfortunately, telecom companies face the following key challenges:
  • Disconnected Niche Applications serving business needs
    • Large Telecom companies deploy several specialized applications from niche vendors to address various business needs – like ERPs, Operations Support Systems and /Business Support Systems etc
    • Though these vendors are specialists in their respective areas, there is little standardization of communication between these enterprise systems.
    • This posts a challenge to companies from an IT eco system perspective, in that keeping it integrated from a Business Process perspective becomes a big challenge. Some business processes or contexts would involve data exchange between several systems this results in several challenges at the IT platform layer.
    • A layer that is custom built to meet context specific exchanges of information across several systems over a period of time shall become complex and unwieldy to manage. The following are the potential problems - Business rules or conditions based transformation logic built into the code , Too many scenarios results in code getting to be unmanaeagble, Impacts stability and maintability
  • Are too rigid and disjointed and disconnected - data integrity is a completely unsolvable challenge
  • It is impossible to expect the systems to adapt to the changing business dynamics, but is also extremely difficult to replace them as a result of their direct impact on business
  • Most of the IT resources are spent in building temporary plumbing code
  • Data is stored in functional silos and a 360 deg view of customers/partners/dealers is totally absent as a result, overall efficiencies drop down significantly

The need is to have an adaptive, aligned IT platform with a process context to aid effective execution by enabling and empowering people to discover insights and make proactive decisions This single process context driven IT platform is a critical piece that has to be in place. Without one single system, it will be difficult if not impossible to effectively streamline execution that adapts to the strategic directions.

The framework creates value because the execution not only addresses the needs of today but also adapts rapidly to the continually evolving business needs, thereby automatically aligning operations with operational strategies and goals with the process context.

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